Parakeet Bird Species

A parakeet bird is a small colorful parrot with a long tapered tail.

There are over a hundred different types of parakeets, all with different personalities and requirements.

No matter which kind of parakeet you have they are share some common traits.

They are active little fellows and are constantly on the go, chewing on anything they can get a hold of, playing with toys, climbing and just moving about.

Parakeet birds are intelligent, sociable birds that are easy to tame and get along well with other birds.

They are good at learning tricks, and are relatively good at talking.

Another bonus with parakeets is that unlike some of the larger pet parrot they are easy to care for.

Budgie Birds

budgie birds

Budgies are the most popular of all the parakeets and in some areas they are referred as parakeets even though they are just one of the many parakeet species.

They are a small parrot that come in a variety of different colorations.

Budgerigars are friendly and easily tamed parrots that can learn to talk and are good at learning tricks.

Combine their small size, intelligent and social nature and low price tag it's no wonder they are so popular.

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Cockatiel Birds

cockatiel parakeet birds

Cockatiels are members of the cockatoo family and have the typical crest of feathers on top of their heads that all cockatoos have.

They are decent talkers and excellent at learning tricks.

In the wild cockatiels are gray with yellow and orange patches on their cheeks. Breeders have managed to create different color mutations ranging from white to pied.

They are affectionate parrots that are catching up to the budgerigar in popularity.

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Quaker Parrots

quaker parrot

Quakers are about 12 inches long and are primarily green with light gray on the cheeks, forehead, chest and throat.

You can find domesticated quaker parrots in a variety of other colors besides the normal green.

They are good at learning to talk and word association.

Quaker parrots are active, inquisitive and somewhat fearless little parrots that are becoming very popular.

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Ringneck Parakeets

ringneck parakeet bird

Ringneck parakeets are about 16 inches long with red beaks. They have a rose and black ring around their necks.

Breeders have created a number of ringneck mutations from the normal green color that the wild ones are.

They need daily handling to remain tame and unaggressive.

They are among the best talking parakeets and make good pets for someone that is willing to spend some time with them each day.

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