Jenday Conure

jenday conure

The Jenday Conure is approximately 12 inches in size.

They look almost similar to the Sun Conure. The only striking difference is that the Jenday Conures have wings that are very dark green wings and feathers at the back. The tip of the wings is colored blue as well as the tail feathers. They have yellow head and orange front.

Their life expectancy is about 25 years.

They are mostly found in the northeastern Brazil at forest clearings but sometimes they live near coconut palms and rain forest edges. They are fairly common in the wild areas.

Jenday Conure as Pets

jenday conure

Jenday Conures are well-known for their very sociable temperament and playful manners. They are highly intelligent and more often than not able to learn several words or phrases but their talking ability is not popular. They often have fun learning few new tricks and therefore, can make an overall great pet.

Their colorful physical attributes are pleasing to the eye.

Conure birds can be cuddly and want you to hold them frequently.

As previously has been mentioned, they are not great talkers and can learn a maximum of six words.

All conure species are active, athletic and very much aware of their surroundings.

They can be shy but not necessary and their calls can be loud.

Since, they are generally active they would need a lot of exercise.

Jenday Conure Care

Proper feeding and care is needed to ensure that your Jenday Conure pet is generally healthy and well-developed. There are some things that are necessary in the care of your conure including pellets, variety of toys, some treats, and food and water dishes. You can also include training manuals or videos to give proper training and exercise since they are active pets.

They generally feed on pellets. It is discouraged to feed them solely on seeds and nuts since these two have high fat content. This will put them at a risk for health-related issues.

Organic pellets are ideal with the addition of some fruits and vegetables.

Keep the pet's diet varied to keep its proper nutrition.

Jenday Conure Cages

jenday conures

Always make sure that the cage is durable and safe because it is where your pet spends most of its time. Make it large enough to accommodate its activity and exercise.

Place the cage where it will be exposed to enough sunlight, social interaction but safe and secured.

The ideal cage for a Jenday Conure pet has dimensions of 24 inches in width, 24 inches in diameter and 30 inches in height. Metal bars should be half an inch apart.

Cage covers are also important especially at night for sleeping since your pet will need about 10-12 hours of quality sleep.

Ideally, stainless steel cages are the best option because it does not only provide safety but is rust-proof, durable and can last at the bird's lifetime. However, steel cages with non-toxic paint are the alternative. The paint will ensure that the metal will remain in good condition.

If you can give enough attention and social interaction to your pet, the Jenday Conure can make a fantastic pet parrot.

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