Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot

The Yellow Headed Amazon originates from Mexico and northern Central America.

double yellow headed amazon parrot

They are 15 to 17 inches with a stocky build and square tail.

There are lutino and blue mutations but most double yellow headed amazon parrots are bright green with a yellow head and dark scallops on the neck.

There is red on the bend of the wings and tail.

The underside of the wing is blue-violet with red trim.

They have yellow thighs and horn colored beaks

When they are excited the feathers of the neck and crown raise making the head appear twice as big.

The average life expectancy of these amazon birds is 60 to 80 years.

Double Yellow Headed Amazon as pet parrots

double yellow headed amazon parrot

Yellow Headed Amazon parrots make affectionate and entertaining pet parrots, however they do go through a bluffing stage as they reach maturity.

At this time they can be stubborn and a bit aggressive making them somewhat of a challenge for someone that doesn't have experience in parrot training.

They are second only to the African Gray parrot when it comes to mimicking human speech.

They are intelligent, playful and outgoing parrots that are good at learning tricks and love performing.

Amazon parrots are fairly independent parrots and as long as they enough toys to keep them occupied they can be left to entertain themselves for longer stretches of time than some of the other parrot species can.

They do still need attention every day, but they aren't as demanding as something like the cockatoo birds are.

If they get enough attention they usually don't scream too often, but when they do they are very loud.

Double Yellow Headed Amazon parrot care

pet yellow headed amazon parrot

Amazons birds love seeds however they will become overweight if they are allowed to eat too many of them.

The best diet for an amazon is pellets supplemented with fruits and vegetables. Save the seeds for training and special treats.

They also need to be let out of their cages to exercise, explore and play every day.

Never leave a parrot to wonder around on it's own without supervision. They are compulsive chewers and will quickly destroy anything that gets their attention.

Theres also the danger of them chewing on poisonous plants, electrical cords or getting hung up on blind cords.

Double Yellow Headed Amazon bird cages

You need a cage that is big enough to hold all the toys, various sized perches, food and watering dishes and still leave room for your parrot to move about.

The very smallest cage that you should get is 24 X 40 inches and 40 inches high.

Stainless steel is the best material, but in any case avoid painted or galvanized cages that could contain toxic materials.

There should be bars on the bottom of the cage to allow the droppings to fall through.

Line the cage bottom with newspaper or paper towel rather than bedding material that can develop a fungus.

Clean the cage every day and make sure that there is always a fresh supply of water available.

In the hands of someone that know how to train a parrot and handle it when it is in the bluffing stage a Double Yellow Headed Amazon parrot is a great choice for a pet parrot.

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