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The only parrot that is considered to be better talker than the Amazon parrot is the African Grey parrot.

double yellow headed amazon parrot

In general the best talking Amazons are the Double Yellow Headed Amazon, the Yellow Nape Amazon, and the Blue Front Amazon.

They are a medium to large parrot that are native to South America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

They are predominately green which each species having it's own accenting colors.

Because they can be aggressive especially when they reach maturity or when they are molting they usually aren't the best bird for your first parrot.

Amazon birds - caring for your parrot

Amazon parrots will become fat if you don't watch the diet. Don't feed them too many seeds.

They should be fed fruit, vegetables and parrot pellets and only occasionally given seeds.

amazon birds

They need at least 10 hours of sleep every night or they will be grouchy.

Amazon parrots need plenty of exercise, and should be provided with plenty of toy as well as let out of their cages every day.

Make sure before you do that all windows and doors are closed.

Never let your Amazon out of the cage unsupervised, they are curious and they like to chew.

They can, and will chew electrical cords, poisonous plants and your furniture.

You should consider clipping your birds wings, at least to the point that they can't fly as fast or as high.

It's safer for the bird if it flies into a window, and if it gets out of the house you have a better chance of getting it back.

Clipping doesn't hurt, and it helps make your bird easier to tame.

Amazon bird cages

When it comes to cages the bigger the cage the happier your Amazon parrot will be, but they need to be at least 24 X 40 inches and 40 inches high.

pet amazon parrot

You need room for a variety of toys, different sized perches, food and watering dishes as well as space for your bird to move around and play.

Never use bedding material to line the floor of a bird cage, it can develop fungus and make your parrot sick. Use newspaper or paper towels.

Amazon birds need socialization and entertainment.

Although they do require your attention they are fairly independent birds and can amuse themselves if they are given enough toys to play and climb on. They like to sit up in high places to look around so a tower is also a good idea.

Unless they are neglected and don't have enough toys they don't tend to pluck their feathers as much as other parrots do.

That is not to say they don't need attention from their owners, but they aren't as demanding as some of the other parrot species.

If they are properly trained and handled often they usually won't scream except in the mornings or evenings. They can be loud so you should take that into consideration if you live in an apartment building.

Although Amazon birds are are fun and entertaining parts of the family, they are challenging parrots so be sure you understand what you are getting into before buying one.

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