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If you've always been fascinated by parrots, and have thought about getting one, but you are sure if you should you've come to the right place.

Parrots are fascinating, intelligent, amusing and beautiful birds, but they can also be a challenge.

Buying a pet parrot requires being informed about what to expect from the bird and what the parrot requires from you. pet parrot

Too often people see a parrot and rush into buying one with no idea what they are getting into.

All parrots need some socialization, and there are some such as the cockatoos and large macaws that require far more than most people are willing to provide.

I don't sell parrots and as such I have no reason to hype up the qualities of any one type. In fact I think they all have their own unique qualities.

Knowing what type of parrot is right for you is just the first step you should take before you decide to buy a parrot.

Parrot range in size from the tiny 3 inch Pygmy Parrot to the huge Blue Macaw that can be as much as 40 inches in length. blue macaw

Not all parrots are equal in their ability to talk. The African Gray Parrot is considered to be the best with the Amazons coming a close second.

Nor are they equal in how sociable and cuddly they are. Cockatoos are known for how cuddly they can be, but it comes with a price. They need a lot of attention.

Once you know what parrot you think is right for you the next step is to learn care for and train your parrot.

You need to be sure that you are ready for the responsibility that owning one of these birds entails, and don't forget some of them can outlive you.

I think parrots are one of the most fascinating and beautiful creatures in the world and I'm certainly not trying to discourage you from owning one. Just the opposite in fact.

My hope is that these pages will help inform you so that you can find the right pet parrot for you and end up with a life long friend.

Why not start with going to Parrot Species and learning about the general characteristics of the different species of parrots.

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